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Roots Blower China

Roots Blower China offers heavy-duty root blowers that are carefully designed and crafted to suit your unique industry requirements and offer innovative solutions to any of your operating needs.

Equipped with state-of-the-art features, our root blowers are convenient and efficient tools that guarantee high-quality performance and a durable elitepartner. We have manufactured a wide range of products to match your demands.

Roots Blower China has been taking the lead to the modernization of China’s booming sectors, from construction, power generation, marine, and agriculture, to industries. We offer innovative and high-quality roots blower and other air compressor products and services.

Our know-how in the industry and promising tales of service have grown the company for 40 years. Now, we are the leading supplier and distributor of air compressors within China, and a top choice across the globe.

Roots Blower China has a way of providing faster, more convenient, and more cost-effective solutions for industrial plants, production, and application. In fact, our growing community of clients and partners can attest to the quality and satisfaction that only Roots Blower China can deliver.  Avail of seasonal offers and discount code and where to enter them upon checkout here.

Industries We Serve

We have the technical expertise and first-rate solutions to serve a wide range of industries:

  • Water Treatment Plants: For backwashing of filter or mixed beds
  • Sewage Treatment Plants: For diffused aeration and agitation of sewage
  • Effluent Treatment Plants: For diffused aeration, propagation, and mixing of effluent
  • Cement Plants: For aeration, blending, fluidization, and conveying
  • Paper Plants: For drying of products, conveying, and vacuum pickup, as well as for knife edging and honing
  • Chemical Plants: For a proper supply of processed air and efficient flow
  • Electroplating Plants: For agitation of electrolytes on an oil-free environment
  • Yarn Drying: For pressure and/or vacuum drying
  • Polyester Chip Conveying and Drying: For transfer and transport of polyester chips and other related materials
  • Pneumatic Conveying: For pressure, vacuum, and combination conveying of powders, cement, cereals, granules, and other similar products
  • Aquaculture Industry: For controlling and balancing the dissolved oxygen level on water
  • Regeneration of Dryers and Molecular Sieves: For reconstruction and reformation of adsorbents
  • Bag Filters: For filter bags cleaning via a reverse method


Ready to get started with a high-quality roots blower or any air compressor product? Shop online with Roots Blower China using app online status. Browse through our products or avail of our services. Kindly contact us directly for your inquiries or concerns.

Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement

Roots Blower China has blazed a trail for innovation and quality. If you own a product manufactured by us, then you will want to keep it running to its best ability. This would include improving its efficiency and enhancing its longevity.

Your industrial plant faces a harsh environment on a daily basis. These would mean dirt, dust, debris, and moisture from your everyday operation. Your roots blower occasionally needs maintenance and/or repair to keep it in shape and match the application’s heavy workload for the long haul.

Talk to us for any of your maintenance, repair, and replacement needs. Besides supplying high-quality air compressor products, we also help keep them in perfect condition.

Contact us now so we can assist you.